How to draw an alien

Straight from outer space, this lesson on how to draw an alien is now looking for a new home! Indeed, you now have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and learn how to illustrate an unknown creature from an obscure world that might be ready to invade us ... at least that's how we see it!

Aliens are all around us (well, at least in popular culture). Whether you like movies, books or video games, chances are that you were in contact with one of these extraterrestrial beast during the past weeks or months. In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a simple version and I will also give you a few tips to help you create your own character.

How to draw an alien

Before proceeding with this character, let's see what makes this one so special. Of course, aliens can be quite different from one another, so these tips are only relevant for the character found on this page.

  1. Long antennas made from straight lines.
  2. The top of the head is flat.
  3. The tip of both antennas is red and round.
  4. Eyes are blue and round.
  5. Teeth are large and made from pointed lines.
  6. No separation between the body and the legs.
  7. Feet are basic and made from curved lines.
  8. Hands have only four fingers.
  9. Patches are found all over the body.
  10. Skin is green.

Excellent! Now that you are more familiar with the cartoon character we are about to draw, why not proceed with the lesson itself and see how it goes ...

Step 1 - A simple line to create the head, body and legs

Since the character is rather simple, I don't feel the need to create a template using basic shapes for this tutorial. First, draw a long curved line (as shown below) that is used to illustrate the head, the body and the legs. Then, draw the feet using two additional curved lines. One last line is needed to join both legs on the bottom of the illustration.

How to draw an alien

Step 2 - a fun and lovely facial expression

I like to draw lovely characters and this one is no exception. Using large circular shapes, create the eyes and the pupils above the middle of the shape drawn in the previous step. The mouth is made from a long curved line and teeth are created from small straight lines.

How to draw an alien

Step 3 - Antennas and arms can be useful too!

On top of the head, sketch two long antennas using a few straight lines and two small oval shapes. Then, create the arms and the hands using more circular lines. Cool! This lesson on how to draw an alien is almost completed! :)

How to draw an alien

Step 4 - Is it dirt? Is it patches?

To create some textures without using digital effects, you can always draw a few patches on the body as shown below. Are these patches dirt? Textures? Skin issues? It's up to you to decide! 

How to draw an alien

Step 5 - Green is the obvious choice

It's now time to apply some colors inside this adorable cartoon alien. Of course, the obvious choice would be green (although grey is also another popular option). Pupils were filled with a bright blue color to make the drawing even more adorable. As for patches, I simply made them slightly darker. Antennas are also darker while the tip of both antennas is red.

How to draw an alien

Time to unleash your creativity!

Unlike a well-known character like Santa Claus, there are no rules when learning how to draw an alien. For now, these creatures are purely imaginary (although some claim to have been in contact with some) and you can basically draw anything you want using any shapes, colors, textures and features you can think of ... you are only limited by your creativity.

The following steps are filled with simple alternatives that you can try using the template created for this tutorial. Once again, don't feel limited by these examples. Anything that you can think of is good and relevant when working on space creatures like the ones found in modern culture. 

Ready? Let's see what can be done with this cartoon alien ...

Simpler can be better

Yes, it's still possible to end up with something simpler using the same template. In the example below, all patches were removed, the character is shorter and both antennas are now gone. The character still looks amazing and adorable even if some features were deleted.

How to draw an alien

More can also be visually appealing!

We are working with an alien ... so anything is possible! So why not draw four eyes, four antennas and four arms? Just use your imagination and draw anything that you can think of! Your alien character can have twelve heads, seven legs, one thousand teeth ... you decide! You can play god while holding your pencil! See how learning how to draw an alien is easy! ;)

How to draw an alien

Colors are important too!

Using the same character, I have simple changed all colors to show you how this single modification can have a huge impact on the illustration. It's still the same lovely alien, but somehow the character seems slightly more ... menacing! It's important to play with all aspects of an illustration while learning how to draw an alien like this one!

How to draw an alien

More patches. More textures.

Like I said in the previous step, many aspects of the character can be modify to create something new and exciting. It can be colors, shapes, lines or textures. In this case, this cute creature is ready to go to war (in the jungle if possible!).

How to draw an alien

Time to learn how to draw an alien from scratch!

So? What are you going to do with this blank template? Use it to draw another version that is similar? Delete the whole thing and create something new from scratch? It's up to you!

How to draw an alien

Drawing a cartoon alien is a fun experience!

Whether you like drawing aliens or not, this is a fun exercise to help you unleash your creativity as an artist. Rules are non-existent and you can virtually create anything you want ... however ...

... remember that the absence of boundaries can also be tricky. Indeed, it can be easy to create a character that is loaded with features and body parts that don't work well together. Try imagining your character is real life. Can he walk or talk properly? Are all elements relevant and serving a purpose? If the answer is no, then chances are that the character needs to be improved.

Try to be as logical as possible and design your character carefully using what you already know about life (eating, talking, walking, playing, fighting, etc ...).

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