How to Draw a Man

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a man and how to create the perfect body using basic shapes and elements. Drawing a cartoon man is a rather simple task to do if your goal is to end up with something simple and visually appealing. Only a few basic shapes are needed.

But how do you draw the perfect arms, legs and body? What is the level of realism needed to illustrate a man properly? Before answering this question, let's take a look at the elements we need to draw to create the perfect man ...

How to Draw a Man

The man found above is the cartoon character we are about to draw. Let's study this illustration carefully before proceeding with the step-by-step lesson.

  1. A simple haircut is all we need.
  2. Big round eyes and small tiny pupils.
  3. A large jaw (otherwise this character could look like a female).
  4. A long line on the shirt to add details.
  5. Short legs made from rectangles.
  6. Nice shoes filled with three small lines.
  7. Hands on the hips.
  8. A collar need the neck and above the shirt.
  9. A small neck made from a square.
  10. Tiny ears created with circular shapes.

Great. You don't necessarily need to include all these elements to end up with a beautiful man, but these are the details we are working with for this lesson. Ready? Let's start working on this character ...

Step 1 - Drawing a Guideline Made from Basic Shapes

Before working on the actual character, let's draw a few shapes that will be used as a template. In this case, the head, the body, the arms and the legs are made from rectangles. The neck is illustrated using a small square and the hands are done using circles. That's all we need for now! Let's learn how to draw a man using these shapes.

How to Draw a Man

Step 2 - It's Time to Draw!

Although we have created a bunch of rectangles and squares to illustrate this template, it's important to use curved lines to draw the character. The jaw, the shoulders, the elbows and the neck must be drawn using long lines made from smooth corners. You can see how to draw a man using these lines below. Once you are done, you can remove the orange template created earlier.

How to Draw a Man

Step 3 - Working Inside the Head

On top of the head, you can draw some hair using more curved lines. The ears are made from small circles and located midway through the face. Once you are ready, sketch the eyes and the pupils using small circles. The nose, the mouth and the eyebrows are done using small curved lines.

How to Draw a Man

Step 4 - More Details for a More Accurate Character

Below the neck, draw a collar made from small rectangles. A long line is also added on the shirt of the cartoon man. Inside the shoes, draw three small lines as shown below. You can also add an outsole below these shoes using a simple line. Great! This lesson on how to draw a man is now completed. Let's add some colors!

How to Draw a Man

Step 5 - Colors are Better!

You can use a dark brown color for the hair of the character. The shirt is filled with a bright green color and the pants are brown. The shoes are grey and the skin is light. That's it! ... or is it?

How to Draw a Man

How to Draw a Man With a Good-Looking Body!

So far, the character we have created is pretty simple and straightforward. Since our goal was to create a cartoon character, there was no need for tons of details and complex shapes and colors. All we had to do was to draw simple shapes using mostly curved lines.

But what if our goal was to create a basic character, one created with even more basic elements? Let's see how we can reach that goal while playing only with the neck and the legs of the character.

1. Let's Remove the Neck!

We all love having a neck, but cartoon characters don't necessarily need one! In this first example, the same illustration was used, but the neck was removed. It does feel slightly awkward, but this character still looks great. Let's try something else now ...

How to Draw a Man

2. Simple Legs Instead of Complex Ones ...

Instead of drawing legs separately, you can also draw a large rectangle and place a single line in the middle to illustrate this part of the body. The absence of a neck is suddenly more justified. Indeed, the head, the body and the legs of the character are all made from huge blocks.

How to Draw a Man

3. The Neck is Back!

This illustration is pretty similar to the one used in our lesson on how to draw a man, but the legs are now created from one single shape. This combo "with a neck and legs made from a single shape" works better than the previous one found in step number one (no neck and legs made from two rectangles).

How to Draw a Man

4. Short Legs are Also Fine!

Back with a version made from three huge blocks (for the head, the body and the legs), this time the legs are much shorter. All three blocks are almost the same height, which is nice to illustrate a well-balanced cartoon character.

How to Draw a Man

5. One Shape to Create The Whole Character

This last illustration contains the same character, but this time the head, the body and the legs are all drawn using one single block. The jaw is gone and the head, the shirt and the legs are all the same width. Another convincing alternative that is worth looking for!

How to Draw a Man

One Character. So Many Options!

All options found above are relevant if you want to draw an adorable cartoon man. More alternatives are certainly possible, so it's up to you to try new shapes and lines to see if the result can be convincing or not. I hope you had fun learning how to draw a man like the one found on this page and don't hesitate to unleash your creativity and try something different once you feel comfortable doing so!

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