How to Draw a Dog

Learning how to draw a dog is a fun experience! Indeed, dogs are probably one of the most popular animals you can find on the internet (besides cats, of course). Little kids are fascinated by these adorable creatures and most of us already drew dogs just for fun!

This lesson is separated in three different parts. First, you will learn a little bit more about this cute character. Then, you will have access to a basic step-by-step lesson filled with five easy steps to help you illustrate the dog found below. Finally, you will discover a few alternatives when it comes to adding colors inside this cute cartoon animal.

How to Draw a Dog

Like I said above, let's begin by taking a look at what makes this animal so special. Take a look at the illustration above while I am going through all elements required to draw a fun dog:

  1. You can add a little bit of hair on top of the head.
  2. The eyes are large, but the pupils are tiny.
  3. Don't forget to draw a large smile.
  4. The neck must be thick, but narrow.
  5. A long hairy tail is what we need.
  6. Small lines are added inside the paws.
  7. The paw on the far left must be darker.
  8. A big red tongue can also be drawn.
  9. Small hair can be seen on the cheeks.
  10. A large nose made from a triangle is created below the eyes.
  11. Long and narrow ears are mandatory.

Good! That's pretty much all you need to know before working on this simple cartoon animal. Now that we are more familiar with this character, let's draw this one using the tutorial found below.

Step 1 - Rectangles to Create the Perfect Template

Adding basic shapes to help us illustrate this cartoon dog can be a good idea. You can't learn how to draw a dog just by adding small lines all over the place! Proportions are important! First, draw a large rectangle to form the head. Then, draw two small versions on both sides of the head to form the ears.

The neck is done using a small square and the body is created from a large rectangle. Legs are also made from small rectangles while the tail is represented using a long curved line.

How to Draw a Dog

Step 2 - Let's Draw the Character!

Using the shapes done in step number one, let's draw a few lines to create the head, the ears, the body, the legs and the tail. Notice the hair on top of the head, near the cheeks, on the tail and on the back of the cartoon character. We can now erase the orange shapes that were use as a guideline.

How to Draw a Dog

Step 3 - Working Inside the Face of the Cartoon Dog

The eyes are done using large circular shapes. The pupils are made from small dots. The nose is drawn with a large triangle and the mouth is represented using three distinct lines. Finally, let's complete this third step by sketching a tongue using a long curved line (as well as a small one inside the tongue). Great! This lesson on how to draw a dog is almost done!

How to Draw a Dog

Step 4 - A Few Additional Details

Draw small lines on the cheeks and on top of the head as shown in the illustration below. You can also complete all three legs that can be seen in this image using long curved lines. Small lines are also drawn inside the paws to complete this step.

How to Draw a Dog

Step 5 - Let's Play With Colors!

For this example, I have selected a subtle brown color. The nose, the pupils and the legs that can be seen on the other side of the cartoon dog are all darker. Of course, the eyes must be white and the tongue can be red. Good work learning how to draw a dog like this one!

How to Draw a Dog

How About Adding Different Colors?

Just like several other animals, dogs can be filled with a wide variety of colors. It all depends on the effect you are looking for, the breed you want to portray or the background color you are working with. 

All examples below were created to give you an idea of how colors can help you end up with various cartoon characters just by modifying colors inside the head, the body, the legs, the ears, the nose or even the tongue if you want to. Let's continue this lesson on how to draw a dog filled with amazing colors!

1. Darker Can be Better

In this first example, the cartoon dog is filled with a dark brown color. This cute animal is easier to read and really hard to miss with such a strong contrast with the background. Just make sure all outlines inside the character are still easy to read otherwise using a dark color could be worthless.

How to Draw a Dog

2. Same Original Colors. Simple Brown Patches.

This second attempt is quite similar to the first one only this time patches were added inside the body. It's like a mix between using a light color and a dark one. Don't hesitate to play with the shapes of these patches, the colors and the sizes.

How to Draw a Dog

3. A Bright Orange Color for an Original Character

This lesson on how to draw a dog is loaded with surprises! Here, you can see the same cartoon animal filled with a bright orange color. It might not be as realistic as the previous examples, but this animal is still quite enjoyable to look at. 

How to Draw a Dog

4. Grey Colors for an Adorable Character

Grey is not the most fascinating color to use inside a cartoon animal. In fact, it might seem like a boring option. However, the addition of a circular patch around the right eye of the cartoon dog is adding value to this version. The animal is cuter, simpler and looks amazing even if no bright colors are used.

How to Draw a Dog

5. A Different Color. A Different Breed.

Simply fill in the whole character in white and draw a few black patches on the body to end up with a lovely dalmatian. The tongue is more visible than ever and this dog really looks amazing. Simple and effective!

How to Draw a Dog

Cool Job Learning How to Draw a Dog as Lovely as This One!

Don't hesitate to try more colors inside this character. Possibilities are virtually endless. Since we are working with cartoon characters, you can also use colors like pink, purple, red or even yellow. The choice is all yours! It's time to unleash your creativity and draw a dog in orange filled with pink patches or try to create something slightly more realistic. Have fun with this cartoon character! :)

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